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IY Yachting

The new IY Yachting website delivers a simple, user-friendly experience, with plenty of clean, white spaces; stunning hero imagery; and hints of a new coral colour enhancing the aesthetic of the company’s signature navy branding.


The name and logo have also been simplified and modernised. The site is superbly mobile-responsive, adapting to different screen sizes and catering to the large percentage of people who use their mobile devices to browse the Internet.

  • Strategy

    Brand, Naming, UX Strategy, Management System

  • Design

    Branding, Web

  • Client

    IYG Group

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Your Trusted Nautical Partner.

IY Yachting is a proven yacht consulting expert company in the Mediterranean. We offer a wide range of professional services tailored to the needs of yacht buyers and yacht owners. Whether you are looking for the peace and quiet of secluded anchorages, or the sophistication of the most exclusive marinas, our aim is to provide you with quality services and exceptional attention to detail throughout the your charter.

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